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With a combined 15 years experience in transport and vehicle logistics, The Algarve Freight Service can move ANY vehicle to the Algarve. Whether it is part of your family relocation or you just need a run-around car in the Algarve, we can offer the service to suit your needs. For BOAT transport please contact us 'here', with the variables involved transporting boats we try to offer a bespoke service from start to finish.

Here are a few examples of cars that we have been trusted to move to and from the Algarve in the last 10 years!


Did you know? It costs the same to ship your own car out to the Algarve with us, as it does to hire one while you're there!

Contrary to what you might hear through the grapevine, it is NOT illegal to drive your UK plated car in Portugal, for some independent, impartial advice please call our offices on +44 1702 416436.

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How It Works.

Our vehicle transport service is a simple A to B delivery. You have your vehicle dropped into our UK depot, then within a minimum of FOUR days later, you could be collecting it from our Porches depot.

For clarification, costing and availability, please do not hesitate to contact us here or on:

Tel: +44 1702 416436

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