Frequently asked questions

When do your vehicles leave the UK?


Our first departure leaves weekly, additional departures are subject to the cargo that week. Please contact us here for information on this weeks loads.

How does your insurance work?

We offer full liability cover on ALL removals, which gives you cover of up to £45,000.00.

To enforce this coverage we require an estimate of the value of your goods in writing prior to the removal dates. Should you fail to provide this, your cover will be reduced to £40.00 per item.

Online shopping is covered under our freight insurance which covers you for £40.00 per item.

Is The Algarve Freight Service affiliated with any other Algarve transport companies?


The Algarve Freight Service competes on price with far less efficient services but does not affiliate itself with any other Algarve transport company.

We can however offer a list of reputable companies in the Algarve should we be unable to assist with any given movement.

How do you charge?

Our costs are based on volume, so if you can provide us with a cubic meterage when you enquire it will enable us to quote more accurately.

Length in cm x Width in cm x Height in cm

Export Goods From UK To The Algarve

We export goods from the these suppliers to your address in The Algarve

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Daily Parcels


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