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How can you relieve the stress associated with your Algarve house move?

With its tranquil sandy coves, gorgeous beaches and stunning natural scenery, the Algarve is unquestionably one of the most alluring places to live in the world. However, removals to the Algarve - as with other parts of the world - can also be very stressful.

5 packing tips for that big international move

Packing may seem a fairly self-explanatory, common-sense endeavour, but in reality, it so often isn't for many of us. If you'd rather avoid all of the hassle when overseeing your move to Portugal, simply get in touch with The Algarve Freight Service.

Our UK to Algarve online shopping service can get you what you want quicker, for less

The area's cities, towns and villages like Faro, Lagos and Albufeira are also fine places to shop, except that - of course - you might not be able to find absolutely everything you want. This is where our UK to Algarve online shopping service here at The Algarve Freigh...

The Algarve retains crown as cheapest destination for UK holidaymakers

When you are looking to move home overseas, it won't just be your new house or meals on which you will want to save money, but also the movement of your goods to your new country of residence.

Three common misconceptions about freight delivery

Freight is often the cheapest form of shipping, as it's usually determined by the volume or weight of the products and the distance travelled. Please note that here at The Algarve Freight Service, we charge by volume rather than weight.

Importing a car - what you need to know to bring your British car to the Algarve

There's nothing complicated about moving your car to Portugal in the first place, however. Here at the Algarve Freight Services, we can not only help you to transport your vehicle to the Algarve, but also offer a comprehensive freight delivery service.

The Algarve Freight Service can bring all of your cheeky indulgences over to Portugal

We offer British food shipping to Portugal and work alongside reliable supermarket giants such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and many more to bring you a huge range of supermarket foods, many of which you won't find in Portugal.

Your checklist for moving home: what to do before you move to Portugal

Before you leave England and become an expatriate, there are a few things you must bear in mind and sort out to avoid unnecessary charges and paperwork further down the line.

The essential guide to keeping compliant on the roads of the Algarve

There is nothing illegal about driving a UK licence-plated vehicle in Portugal and thanks to the quick and reliable removal services that The Algarve Freight Service offers, bringing your car abroad has never been simpler.

The Algarve Freight Service enables stress-free removals to the Algarve

On top of providing quick, reliable removals to the Algarve from Britain, we provide customers with delivery for online shopping, vehicle transit and alarmed storage spaces.

Bring the best of Britain to the Algarve with a leading international moving company

Here at The Algarve Freight Services, we can provide the ideal freight delivery service for transporting your goods from the UK to the Algarve at a time and cost to suit you.

Export Goods From UK To The Algarve

We export goods from the these suppliers to your address in The Algarve

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